British Bryological Society

Presidents and Secretaries, 1923 - 2017
Version 13.2
(02July 2017)

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Year President Secretary
1923 Dixon, H.N. Jones, D.A.
1924 Dixon, H.N. Jones, D.A.
1925 Macvicar, S,M.

Jones, D.A./
Miss E. Armitage

1926 Macvicar, S,M. Jones, D.A.
1927 Binstead, C.H. Jones, D.A.
1928 Binstead, C.H. Jones, D.A.
1929 Nicholson, W.E. Jones, D.A.
1930 Nicholson, W.E. Jones, D.A.
1931 Watson, W. Jones, D.A.
1932 Watson, W. Jones, D.A.
1933 Knight, H.H. Jones, D.A.
1934 Knight, H.H. Jones, D.A.
1935 Jones, D.A. Jones, D.A.
1936 Jones, D.A. Thompson, A.
1937 Duncan, J.B. Thompson, A.
1938 Armitage, E. Thompson, A.
1939 Armitage, E. Thompson, A.
1940 Armitage, E. Thompson, A.
1941 Armitage, E. Thompson, A.
1942 Armitage, E. Thompson, A.
1943 Armitage, E. Thompson, A.
1944 Armitage, E. Thompson, A.
1945 Armitage, E. (to 8/'45) Thompson, A.
1946 Sherrin, W.R. (from 8/'45) Thompson, A.
1947 Sherrin, W.R. Thompson, A.
1948 Thompson, A. Wallace, E.C.
1949 Thompson, A. Wallace, E.C.
1950 Richards, P.W. Wallace, E.C.
1951 Richards, P.W. Wallace, E.C.
1952 Scott, L. Wallace, E.C.
1953 Scott, L. Wallace, E.C.
1954 Jones, E.W. Wallace, E.C.
1955 Jones, E.W. Wallace, E.C.
1956 Trotter, L.B.C. Wallace, E.C.
1957 Trotter, L.B.C. Wallace, E.C.
1958 Sowter, F.A. Wallace, E.C.
1959 Sowter, F.A. Wallace, E.C.
1960 Lobley, E. Wallace, E.C.
1961 Lobley, E. Wallace, E.C.
1962 Warburg, E.F. Wallace, E.C.
1963 Warburg, E.F. Wallace, E.C.
1964 Watson, E.V. Wallace, E.C.
1965 Watson, E.V. Wallace, E.C.
1966 Appleyard, J. Wallace, E.C.
1967 Appleyard, J. Wallace, E.C.
1968 Peterken, J.H. Wallace, E.C.
1969 Peterken, J.H. Wallace, E.C.
1970 Pettifer, A.J. Dalby, D.H.
1971 Pettifer, A.J. Dalby, D.H.
1972 Wallace, E.C. Dalby, D.H.
1973 Wallace, E.C. Dalby, D.H.
1974 Crundwell, A.C. Perry, A.R.
1975 Crundwell, A.C. Perry, A.R.
1976 Paton, J. Perry, A.R.
1977 Paton, J. Perry, A.R.
1978 Richards, P.W. Perry, A.R.
1979 Richards, P.W. Perry, A.R.
1980 Greene, S.W. Perry, A.R.
1981 Greene, S.W. Perry, A.R.
1982 Whitehouse, H.L.K. Longton, R.E.
1983 Whitehouse, H.L.K. Longton, R.E.
1984 Proctor, M.C.F. Longton, R.E.
1985 Proctor, M.C.F. Longton, R.E.
1986 Bloom, G. Longton, R.E.
1987 Bloom, G. Longton, R.E.
1988 Wanstall, P.J. Longton, R.E.
1989 Wanstall, P.J. Newton, M.E.
1990 Hill, M.O. Newton, M.E.
1991 Hill, M.O. Newton, M.E.
1992 Duckett, J.G. Newton, M.E.
1993 Duckett, J.G. Newton, M.E.
1994 Longton, R.E. Newton, M.E.
1995 Longton, R.E. Newton, M.E.
1996 Perry, A.R. Newton, M.E.
1997 Perry, A.R. Newton, M.E.
1998 Clarke, G.C.S. Newton, M.E.
1999 Clarke, G.C.S. Newton, M.E.
2000 Blockeel, T.L. Walton, M.A.
2001 Blockeel, T.L. Walton, M.A.
2002 Long, D.G. Walton, M.A.
2003 Long, D.G. Walton, M.A.
2004 Preston, C.D. Walton, M.A.
2005 Preston, C.D. Walton, M.A.
2006 Edwards, S.R. Walton, M.A.
2007 Edwards, S.R. Walton, M.A.
2008 Sleath, J.D. Walton, M.A.
2009 Sleath, J.D. Walton, M.A.
2010 Holyoak, D.T. Carter, R.H.
2011 Holyoak, D.T. Carter, R.H.
2012 Bates, J.W. Carter, R.H.
2013 Bates, J.W. Carter, R.H.
2014 Rothero, G.P. Carter, R.H.
2015 Rothero, G.P. Carter, R.H.
2016 Hodgetts, N.G. Carter, R.H.
2017 Hodgetts, N.G. Carter, R.H.

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